Podcast Teaser #5: Vac Packing yourself to avoid death

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Still managing to do this in style

Today’s Podcast teaser is a recounting of our trip to Iceland where, for some reason, we thought it would be a good idea to go:

a) Snorkelling

b) in a glacier

c) in Iceland

d) In January

e) in ICE-Land

f) in temperatures averaging -9 degrees centigrade

g) in a country that is LITERALLY NAMED ‘THE LAND OF ICE’


this is one of our reviews from our upcoming ‘The World in a Weekend Travel Podcast’ which will be launching on the 24th of April.

We’ll be posting a few more teasers during this week if your appetite has been wet but we’d really appreciate your support by subscribing to the podcast when it releases on the 24th of April.

Tomorrow, more weird stuff.

Last modified: 12th April 2017

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