Podcast Teaser #6: Travel Tips for the anal or for people with smelly feet

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Welcome to the Podcast Teaser #6, or Travel Tips preview #1!

This week, how to pack like a hardcore traveller:

The World in a Weekend Travel Podcast is a new podcast that takes a lighter look at the world around us and aims to inform, educate and entertain both travel fans and xenophobes alike. The Podcast is officially launching on Monday the 24th of April and will be available on Itunes, Libsyn and all your other favourite podcast platforms.

Travel Tips will be an regular feature on the podcast and in series one we’ll be giving you money saving advice for booking long haul and short haul flights, getting free upgrades on flights and seeing the Northern Lights.

If you can’t wait that long then click on the following links to get some more sneaks at Season 1 of the Podcast:

Our guide to a wild weekend in Afghanistan http://www.theworldinaweekend.com/podcast-teaser-4…ular-place-world/

Our travel tips on how to become the ultimate packer: http://www.theworldinaweekend.com/podcast-teaser-5-vac-packing-avoid-death/




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