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How many countries are there in the world?

It’s a simple question. It should be a simple question. But how do we define a country? Are principalities and dependencies countries? Are states with their own parliament countries? Are rebel states countries? Is Disney World a country?

In case you wanted to know, it’s actually 250(ish).

The good news is that if you are reading this then you probably don’t care. Except that if you’ve started travelling or exploring you’ve probably met someone who has been fascinated by your journeys and asked “have you been to every country in the world?” To which you’ve probably said “no”, because, well, there’s a lot of countries.

This blog is dedicated to our goal and dream to travel to every country in the world.

We will be working hard to accomplish this dream whilst balancing our day to day commitments such as day jobs, voluntary work, cats, and our relationship to one and another. Therefore, this dream must take place on weekends and during times that are convenient to us and the people, commitments and pets that define our lives.

There is good chance that we won’t fulfil this goal. As of the 3rd of August 2015, there are 248 countries and dependencies on this little blue dot we call Earth. But our blog is dedicated to:

  1. Charting our world conquests as much as possible;
  2. Sharing it with you, the good, the bad and the ugly. Whether you are pursuing the same goal or just interested;
  3. Providing as much information, experience and advice as possible to help you travel and nail you next destination;
  4. Inviting others to collaborate and share their stories of how they are conquering the world;
  5. Giving our readers our honest opinion about how to experience a country or city one weekend at a time;
  6. Lastly, and most importantly, trying to inspire anyone sitting at home (or at the office) by presenting the motivation, opportunity, and ability to travel the globe and earn incredible life experiences one weekend and country at a time.

We hope that you connect with this blog and join us on our journey.

We believe that everywhere is unique and interesting and that every country has something to offer that will open your eyes to our world. We aren’t promising that we will find “The BEST” of everything. We will take you off the beaten track and at other times embrace the tourist attractions; but we will be pushing to find new experiences and trying to sample the culture and amazing life that exists throughout our little blue dot.

And if we complete our goal, then we’ll definitely be ready to see Naples.

Rachel and Tim

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About Us

  1. Bon-Bon says:

    So funny… I actually was wondering lately how many countries in the world:) But many sources give out different answers. Well… I will take yours – 250(ish) it is!!! NOW, I am so excited to well…. at least hit half of it. I’ve been to only 30+ and hubby 50+ but I will be happiest if my kids will see the world in their early years:)
    Well… I will be following your journey:)

    Happy and Safe travels…

    1. TWIAW says:

      Hi Bon Bon, thanks for stopping by and I hope you and your family have a great time exploring the world. Good luck!

  2. Amanda C says:

    This is so great! This inspires me. Keep going!

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