Podcast Show notes: Episode 4, 5 and 6

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Episodes 4, 5 and 6 of the world in a weekend podcast is now available on iTunes, stitcher, Tunein radio and a host of other podcast apps.

Make sure you subscribe to The World in a Weekend Travel Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher in order to get every episode downloaded straight to your phone.

Otherwise search “The World in a Weekend” or “Tim Peffers” on iTunes and download away.


Episode 4 features a cheesy introduction, Some travel advice about how to spend 18 hours on the new super planes taking you from London or New York to Sydney, A very silly itinerary for the lovely yet starcrossed country of Albania  and a review of the Colosseum….. and how to pack like a ninja with smelly feet.

If you want to read more about our trip to the colloseum the full article can be found here.

Our Rome Itinerary, The Wonders of the Colosseum

It should be noted the trip to the colloseum, as well as packing advice, are not paid or sponsored trips/adverts and all opinions are our own.


Episode 5 features a some sexy snake news, an itinerary for the wonderful and weird country that is Turkmenistan and a quite long but very useful guide about how to book long haul flights, the article on which can be found here:


If you enjoyed our guide to booking long haul flights, you may want to download episode 1 of the podcast and listen to our guide to booking short haul flights, or read this article:


Episode 6 has more of the same with The Ivory Coast being our itinerary and the Sagrada Familia becoming the object of our review. We also have a great tip for any wannabe travel ninja and warmly encourage you to download a new travel app called skypicker. We should note that after recording that skypicker have rebranded as Kiwi.com… which is a stupid name but the app and website are still awesome so check them out.

Episode 7 of the podcast will be released next… and we can’t wait either!

If you would like to contact us regarding the podcast then please email podcasts@theworldinaweekend.com

All music used in the show is public domain music. If you would like a list of song titles and artists please email me at the address above.

Last modified: 19th June 2017

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Podcast Show notes: Episode 4, 5 and 6

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