Podcast Teaser #4: Our guide to the least popular place in the world…

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Zanzibar, Nungwi, Essque Zalu, Tanzania, Per aqqum, luxury

Did you know that the least visited place in the world is a tropical island in the pacific ocean that is not only populated but has it’s own airline that could fly in tourists…… if only anyone wanted to come.

Today’s podcast itinerary is the sad story a tiny island that sold it’s soul (well…. it’s bird poo) and mortgaged it’s future. It’s a fascinating place and definitely deserves a listen:

This is part of the upcoming ‘World in a Weekend Travel Podcast’ which will be launching on the 24th of April. The podcast will be taking a lighter look at the world and the world of travel and will run in 10 episode series from the 24th of April until the end of June.

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Tomorrow, we will be teasing a whole new section of the show: the fake adverts (because let’s be honest it’s not like we’re going to get real sponsors anytime soon).



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