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Episodes 7 and 8 of the world in a weekend podcast is now available on iTunes, stitcher, Tunein radio and a host of other podcast apps.

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Episode 7 follows our tried and tried format (intentional joke/typo) and but in this episode we get DANGEROUS!

This Week on the World in a Weekend Travel Podcast we get DANGEROUS!

After the usual opening ramblings we look at the recent spike of selfie related deaths… including someone dying trying to get a selfies of themselves on some train tracks with a train in the background whilst the train was moving towards them.

We take a look at one of the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world and ask why do people want to go there?

We then get back into our review of our trip to Iceland and accidentally meet a new foe: Global warming. 

Last up before the wrap is our tips section where we tell you where is the best place to go to see the Northern Lights.


For Episode 8: We get both less and more silly at the same time.


WE take a look at Skymall: the in flight magazine aimed at people at their very worst.

We think about travelling to Argentina: a country you might be interested in visiting!

We finish our review of our trip to Iceland by reviewing the hot, luscious and hot waters of the blue lagoon!

And we give you an awesome tip about how to get a free holiday in our travel tips section

We’ve put links to all the articles behind the podcast sections above if you want more info, detail and want to know more about how to book the experience for yourself.

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Last modified: 17th September 2017

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