Dengue Fever: An explaination & apology

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Dengue Fever

Loyal readers to the blog may have noticed that we haven’t posted any new articles for a while. There is a reason …Dengue fever!

We completed an absolutely wonderful trip to South East Asia back in May and June, taking in Oman, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia at our usual break neck speed. The trip brought us lifelong memories, amazing experiences and even brought us Dengue Fever.

Dengue Fever is a viral infection that is transmitted via mosquitoes. It is very rare in the UK but can be found in South East Asia (and other places such as Central and South America, Africa and the Indian subcontinent). In most cases the infection passes within a few weeks, but on rare occasions (lucky us) it can become very serious.

It is unusual for travellers to be infected as the mosquitoes that carry the virus usually come out at dawn, and most sensible travellers are laid up and sleeping in their beds at 4am.

However, travel bloggers are not most travellers and regular readers of this blog will know we are definitely not sensible. We love to experience that special moment as the sun starts to fill the sky with the first light of the day, and in our never-ending quest to capture these beautiful scenes we regularly rose before the crack of dawn. We’d walk out into the jungle, amongst the rice paddies or up a volcano to try to catch an epic sunrise… but ended up catching an epic virus.

We are gradually starting to get better to the point where we are slowly accomplishing normal everyday tasks, and will start work to bring you our tales and adventures from our South East Asia Adventure. Articles will start to resume over the next few weeks, but the process may be a little slower than before.

We would sincerely like to apologise to our regular readers for the lack of news and articles, and we are now looking forward to sharing these with you soon. We’d also like to send our apologies to our wonderful hosts and collaborators who worked with us on our adventures. We promise to still bring you all of our escapades, experiences and thoughts but it will be a little later than originally intended.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be completing our Costa Rica round up and writing about our experiences in Oman, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. We will hopefully be able to release new episodes of the podcast in the next couple of weeks too.

Until then, we’d like to thank our loyal readers for checkin’ in on us and thank everyone for their messages of support.

Last modified: 13th July 2018

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