Flying over Niagara Falls with Niagara Helicopters

Niagara Falls, Toronto, King Tours, Niagara Helicopter

Soaring above the mighty Niagara Falls is something that imprints on your soul. A truly once in a lifetime experience. I tried to remember every moment, every little detail that I could see from my birds eye vantage point, but something of that magnitude is hard to express.

As part of our Ultimate Layover experience in Toronto, we had booked a day trip to Niagara Falls with King Tours and had the opportunity to visit Niagara Helicopters to take their signature ‘Scenic Flightseeing Tour.’

This covers the Sir Adam Beck Generating plant and the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture, then mirrors the Niagara River, over the Whirlpool Rapids and famous Rainbow Bridge. The helicopter flies past the American Falls and Skylon Tower then u-turns above the Canadian Horseshoe Falls before heading back to base. As it was a very sunny day, there were rainbows all around (although hard to captures at the right time).

As we pulled up into the large parking facility, I was excited to catch my first glimpse of a helicopter.

Niagara Falls, Toronto, King Tours, Niagara Helicopter

This beauty greets you

Check in was quick and easy, we left our backpacks safely at the check in desk and walked through the gift shop to the waiting area outside. Here we watched the helicopters land and take off with their cargo of passengers. The breeze they create from their rotating blades is very powerful (that’s a good thing!) and I had to hold on to the railings to avoid being blown around.

Niagara Falls, Toronto, King Tours, Niagara Helicopter

Holding on – it gets windy!

The turnaround time for the helicopter ride is quite fast. They have multiple helicopters in use at any one time. As one lands everyone disembarks, new people have a photo, board and off they go.

We had our photo taken and then climbed into the helicopter. The ground crew strapped us all in and ensured all of our headsets were working. These not only protect your ears from the deafening roar of the blades and engine, but also enable you to hear the pre-recorded guided tour. It was great to listen to, otherwise I’d have had no idea what things were from so high above. It was very informative and they ask which language you’d prefer to listen to it in too.

Niagara Falls, Toronto, King Tours, Niagara Helicopter

About to board – Courtesy of Niagara Helicopters

The take off was very smooth, as was the whole ride, it almost felt like you were gliding, until you see the blur of the blades whirring above you. With the headphones on it was really quite a calm and almost solitary experience. After the throng of tourists constantly surrounding you here, it was a lovely respite and a chance to really reflect on the sights.

The views are simply incredible. Flying over both the American and Canadian parts of the falls, and seeing them adorned with rainbows was an epic experience. We were told that in winter when the snow has fallen, the sunlight catches on all the crystals and it looks like the whole world is sparkling. Now that I’d love to see since I am a complete magpie and am distracted by anything sparkly or shiny!

Niagara Falls, Toronto, King Tours, Niagara Helicopter


The ride didn’t seem to last that long, about 15 minutes, but it was still long enough to see everything from both sides. I would recommend that you try to get a window seat or get to the front of the queue to get a front seat. Although the helicopters have very large windows so you will be able to see where ever you sit.

The photos are available after you land and can be purchased as an additional extra.

Overall I wouldn’t miss seeing the majestic Niagara Falls from the air with Niagara Helicopters, it was an exhilarating experience. If you would like to find out more or to book your own flight visit the Niagara Helicopters website here.

We’d like to thank Niagara Helicopters for hosting our visit. However the views and opinions expressed are entirely honest and my own and based on personal experiences.

Last modified: 19th September 2016

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Flying over Niagara Falls with Niagara Helicopters

  1. Arzo Travels says:

    I visited the Niagara Falls as well – bit did not fly over them. The views and pictures are incredible!!

    1. Awesome Arzo! Glad you still got to see them, all views of the falls are breathtaking, aren’t they!

  2. WOW !! Looks amazing.. Helicopter ride are always more beautiful. Hope you enjoyed it a lot 🙂

    1. Thanks Sumti! We had an amazing time, it was such a great experience.

  3. Kenny says:

    One of my most exciting Helicopter experience would be seeing the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona –
    The Niagara Falls seems to be exciting from your photos! I am now even more excited for my helicopter ride to the Iguazu in Argentina in few months! @ knycx.journeying

    1. Wow, that looks awesome! I would love to see Iguazu Falls! Hope you have a great time!

  4. Justin says:

    I’ve always wanted to do a helicopter tour – what better place to do it than over Niagara Falls!

    1. Absolutely Justin! That’s what we thought 🙂

  5. Salini says:

    That was one amazing journey. It is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I would also love to try this helicopter ride sometime.

    1. Thank you so much Salini! I hope you get to do this soon!

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