Podcast Teaser #2: Accidentally offending the Japanese

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Movie Park in Bottrop

Hello Podcast lovers and loyal readers!

Another Teaser for you today from Series 1 of our upcoming “The World in a Weekend Travel Podcast”.

The Podcast will officially launch on Monday 24th of April and series 1 will run until the End of June. The podcast will take a lighter look at the world of Travel and bring you a lot of useless travel news and itineraries of places you will probably never visit.

We’ve just finished editing the episode 4 of the first series and, as it seemed a little short, I decided to wax lyrical and recall a quick travel misadventure from a trip to Tokyo in 2005.

I’m not 100% convinced that I’m going to keep this in the final edit to would love some feedback about whether you enjoyed it or not.

If you did enjoy it then there’s more clips and teasers for the podcast all over the website and we’ll be posting new teasers every day.



Last modified: 12th April 2017

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