The Ultimate Honeymoon in Provence

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The destination: Crillon Le Brave, Provence, Southern France

Crillon Le Brave is a tiny village in the Provence region of France, famed for producing some of the best wine and food in the world. Most of the village has been restored as part of an intriguing and luxurious hotel of the same name.

Why Honeymoon Here?

Set on a hill overlooking picturesque green vineyards below, everything about Crillon Le Brave softly screams relaxation. The hotel boasts 2 restaurants; a local farm to table bistro and its award-winning restaurant run by world renowned chef Jerome Blanchet. The nearby Mediterranean means that the weather is almost always warm and breezy, and then there is the mountainside pool, perfect to cool down in if things gett too hot for you.

Romantic Rooms?

The rooms are spacious and opulently decorated. Each room is unique as they are furnished with locally sourced antique furniture and restored in a traditional style. In many ways, staying at the hotel is a romantic step back in time.

Romantic Dinning?

This is where Crillon Le Brave really rises above the competition. The hotel is very serious about using fresh local produce. No ingredients are used from outside of a 40 kilometre radius and the fact that the hotel organises truffle hunts gives you an idea of the type of ingredients you can expect to hit your plate.

We had a wonderful lunch at the hotel and ordered the beef tartar. The waitress arrived with the raw ingredients in a tray and made it fresh to order in front of us. Hotel Crillon Le Brave prides itself on its fresh, organic and locally sourced cuisine.

Romantic Activities?

The hotel complex has converted the old cellars into a state of the art spa, which offers couples massages as part of the honeymoon experience. The setting is homely and romantic and a striking alternative to the usual clinical and antiseptic hotel spas.

We decided to have a relaxing massage and by the time we left the spa my body felt like it had melted and been remoulded whilst I had been asleep for the last 10 hours.

Which is a compliment. A big one.

Getting out of the Hotel?

The surrounding area is a green paradise for anyone who loves food, wine, cheese, or cycling.

The hotel offers free rental of hybrid bikes to explore the local area and will pack you up a tasty picnic for you to share whilst enjoying the panoramic views. The nearby Mont Ventoux is a famous challenge in the cycling world but the hotel can recommend more relaxing local routes that will let you take in local wineries, restaurants and farms.

And if you’re feeling really romantic (or want to test the strength of your relationship) they even have a tandem bike to take out.

Want to Splash Out?

The hotel offers plenty of luxury and we’d highly recommend taking in a massage at the spa. However, if you’re looking for a splurge the hotel is in driving distance of the glamourous marinas of St Tropez and Cannes, or the Casinos of Monaco.

Overall Romantic Rating?

It’s a quiet, rustic and romantic getaway for couples of all ages who aren’t afraid of getting active and enjoying the good things in life: great food, great wine and romance.

Last modified: 21st April 2017

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The Ultimate Honeymoon in Provence

  1. Tanj from A Travelogue says:

    Wow!!! Beautiful and perfect place for honeymooners. South of France is just so romantic and the hotel is the added bonus.

  2. Megan Jerrard says:

    Sounds like an incredible destination for a honeymoon – even though we were married in 2013, I enjoy taking second and third and fourth honeymoons :D! And Crillon Le Brave in Provence sounds perfect! We’re very much a fan of the quiet, rustic and romantic getaway, and who can say no to great food, great wine and romance!

  3. The hotel looks like a perfect setting sitting amidst the verdant vineyards. The rooms look spacious and very comfortable. Biking around winding through the bounty of green nature definitely sounds like an ideal honeymoon 😉

  4. Wow, it really looks like ultimate. Thanks for the introduction and I think Provence would never disappoint for any type of great vacation – with its breathtaking views, great food, luxury resort, beaches, wineries, art scene and vibe!

    @ knycx.journeying

  5. Mike Cotton says:

    What an incredibly romantic place, perfect for honeymooners.

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