Poas Volcano Lodge Review

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Poas Volcano Lodge, Costa Rica

Most importantly – Does the hotel and room do what it’s supposed to do?

Poas Volcano Lodge is a little different to what you might associate with Costa Rica. Set above the clouds on a private farm, this unique property provides you with an authentic mountain lodge experience. The rooms are beautifully decorated with cosy fabrics and natural materials, affording you a calm and peaceful nights sleep.

How did we rate the experience before we stepped into the room?

The drive to Poas Volcano Lodge is an adventure in itself. The roads are single lane and you often get stuck behind slow moving lorries or find yourself in the middle of a white out in the clouds. However, the journey is absolutely worth it.

Our reservation was confirmed easily online and staff were expecting us when we arrived, which made the check in process smooth and efficient.

Does it cover the basic needs?

Breakfast – is fresh, with freshly baked bread, homemade granola  and jam from locally grown fruit and fresh milk from the Lodge’s dairy.

Comfy bed – huge, homely and inviting

Decent towels – yes

Fridge – no need, with the bar and restaurant so close

Good pillows – good support and very comfy

Parking – ample parking in the car parking area

Safe – yes

Shower with decent water pressure – yes, and a great view from the shower

Wifi – yes

What makes your stay feel special?

The entire lodge is geared towards being homely and cosy as it can get very cold and wet being so high up in the cloud forest. This warm, inviting atmosphere coupled with the extraordinary views of Poas National Park and the silhouette of Poas volcano really make your stay feel special.

From our arm chairs by our window, we watched the fireflies dancing around our private garden. It was mesmerising and magical to witness. A lovely way to wind down before climbing into your bed that has been warmed by a hot water bottle.

Does the hotel and room make sense?

We stayed in the Toucanet, a spacious room with a large king sized bed and access to a private outdoor garden. The space flowed easily into the large bathroom with a double basin and shower with a garden view.

The reception leads up to the main sitting room in the heart of the lodge, with lots of cosy nooks to settle into with a good book and a glass of wine. These spaces encourage guests to get out of their rooms and spend some time amongst the books of their library and offers a great opportunity to meet others next to a roaring fire. The bar leads into The Bromelia Restaurant with large glass walls to admire the stunning scenery over dinner. There is also a popular games room and small gift shop. downstairs.

Hotel food?

The Bromelia Restaurant is a beautiful setting, especially for dinner when the grounds outside are illuminated and the flicker of candle lights reflects off the floor to ceiling windows. The food served is a fusion of European and traditional Costa Rican delights, using locally sourced ingredients and offering vegetarian options and a children’s menu.

Best extras included?

Aside from the firefly show during the night, the multitude of cosy nooks to settle into and the wealth of books available to peruse really stole to show. It was like walking into a home, not a hotel. There was also a games room downstairs, perfect for your evening entertainment, especially with younger guests.

Biggest issue?

Trying to locate Poas Volcano Lodge was a bit of a challenge, but once close there were signs. Also, since it is a lodge in the middle of the countryside and wildlife, it is enviable that some of the wildlife may find its way into your room. We didn’t have a problem as staff are very happy to take it back outside for you… talk about good customer service.

Overall impression

This gem is well worth the visit. With so many ecosystems in Costa Rica, we’d recommend experiencing as many as you can to get a feel of the real diversity of the country. This lodge provided everything we needed (and more) to ensure a homely and cosy night up in the clouds. You are afforded beautiful views, great service and easy access to visit Poas Volcano.

Thank you to Poas Volcano Lodge (see their website here) for sponsoring our stay, however as always, are opinions are honest and our own.

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Last modified: 13th July 2018

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Poas Volcano Lodge Review

  1. Hi Rachel,

    This place looks dazzling.

    I recall traveling to Montverde a while back. Same deal taking that single/only road up. We got stuck behind trucks and the like because no other way to town exists, and the bus only went a bit beyond a crawl anyway.

    Well worth it. Looking down on the clouds and enjoying some of the cleanest, freshest air I have breathed was enlightening for me.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      It sure was a great lodge! We found that driving took an hour or two longer everywhere we went but as you say, well worth it! Glad you enjoyed it.

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