The Chedi Muscat Hotel & Room Review

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The Chedi Muscat

Most importantly – Does the hotel and room do what it’s supposed to do?

The Chedi Muscat is a luxury getaway for up market travellers and visitors to the country of Oman and its capital Muscat. The hotel aims to deliver everything that is great about Oman – friendly welcoming people, traditional style and architecture all set within the scenic location between the Hajar Mountains the Arabian Sea.

The Chedi Muscat delivers all these in spades.

How did we rate the experience before we stepped into the room?

Our driver met us at the airport even though our original flight has been cancelled and immigration took longer than expended. The car waiting for us was a plush and slick Mercedes with cooled bottles of water and lifesaving air con. The driver pick up and transers, porters and check in were all smooth, professional and very friendly, everything that we could hope for.

Does it cover the basic needs?

Usually here we give a breakdown of food, wifi, bed, pillows, safe, water pressure, etc…

Let’s just cut to the chase and say that it’s all excellent.

What makes your stay feel special?

Although it’s a cliché, but staff really do make your stay.

Omani’s pride themselves on the warmth and friendliness and you certainly get top quality customer service here. The hotel also seem genuine in their happiness and friendliness and there’s no over the top, Disneyland-like forced happiness. The staff are also quite discreet meaning if you want to get away and enjoy some privacy, the hotel is very good at giving you that ‘exclusive’ feel.

Does the hotel and room make sense?

We were lucky enough to stay in one of the suites which essentially was a little house. The rooms are connected by a central corridor that connects the entrance room to the shower/toilet with the bedroom in the middle. The rooms are a little quirky and the entrance doubling as the living room is a little unusual, but part of the charm of the hotel is to experience traditional Omani living so it’s a welcome quirk.

Hotel food?

We enjoyed a lavish breakfast which included hummus, local breads and fresh mango juice alongside your more traditional international affairs such as omelettes. The breakfast was snuck into our room whilst we were having an early morning dip and, continuing the theme above, the standard was excellent.

If anything, we were a little frustrated that our flight was cancelled and reschedule so that we were unable to experience dinner in the restaurant.

Biggest issue?

It’s not the hotels fault, but we can vouch that Oman in May and June is hot. 50 degree hot to put a number on it. The heat is dry so be careful to keep hydrated and be careful about being outside for too long.

The hotel does a good job to combat this problem. You can’t walk too far outside without accidentally falling into a swimming pool or the sea. The limousine collection service is armed with some serious air con and you’re never too far from bottles of water. Still, make sure you time you visit or are prepared for your trip to Oman.

Best extras included?

The taxi collection service, the decanters of fine spirits in the room, the personalised notes, the Colonia Acqua di Parma toiletries, the sunken bath and the shaded swimming pools are all strong contenders, but we’re going to plump for the scenery. The breath-taking Al Hajar Mountains rise up behind the hotel as a backdrop and listening to the song of the lapping waves of Arabian Sea next to the hotel is melodic and relaxing.

Overall impression

‘The Chedi’ is a brand owned by GHM hotels. The about us section on their website has the following paragraph:

Each of the GHM hotels and resorts features elegant and contemporary designs interpreted with respect for the indigenous culture, rich history and unique surroundings. Authenticity is key to every GHM guest experience, from the refined grandeur of the architecture to the respectful intimacy of addressing our guests by name; GHM truly is a style to remember.

I can’t speak for Chedi hotels in Switzerland, China, India and Indonesia … But I can say that for Oman you guys nailed it.

You can find out more about The Chedi Muscat on their website.

A huge thank you to The Chedi Muscat and GHM Hotels for hosting our stay. However our opinions are always honest and our own.


Last modified: 27th November 2017

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The Chedi Muscat Hotel & Room Review

  1. Rhonda Albom says:

    That hotel looks fantastic. I loved Oman and my Muscat hotel was great but definitely not as posh and luxurious as the one you picked. I can always return 🙂

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