Al Nadha Resort and Spa: The VIP Massage

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As a very low maintenance man I have never had the urge to get a massage. However, as a travel blogger I am lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful hotels in the world, where I accidently get offered massages in order to be able to review and discuss the full hotel experience.

Whilst massages are lovely and much appreciated, it also creates a slightly weird problem. How do you write up a massage? Essentially a stranger lays you out, oils you up, gives you a rub, inflicts a bit of pain and then asks you to shower. Initially I felt massages were all the same but then something happened to me in Oman… I think I became a massage connoisseur.

During our 12 hour layover in Muscat, Oman, we jumped into a rental car and headed out to the Al Nahda Resort and Spa.

I started my experience by changing into the provided undergarments, laying on the plastic covered massage table and then immediately being basted and scrubbed in almond, honey and yogurt and milk. If you’ve never been basted in almond, honey, yogurt and milk… I can tell you it feels very sticky and clumpy. Once the scrub had set I was put in the steam room, presumably to cook me, and then I hit the shower.

Emerging from the shower and my yogurt chrysalis, I found new sandals and undergarments waiting for me. My skin was soft, refreshed and slightly shiny.

I was now laid down for the main massage event. Underneath the table was a selection of Thai flowers whose scent wafted up through the face hole in the table and into recently basted nose. My recently basted ears were being indulged with instrumental versions of hits from the 70s.

The masseuse started vigorously massaging my body. The massage wasn’t a deep tissue massage but a light, smooth but frenetically fast massage. First it was quick hands then as she moved up my body she seamlessly transitioned to using her elbows.

Then came the surprise.

At first she was using both arms but then I felt a foot on the back of my thigh, then another foot on my other thigh. I realised that if a stranger was to walk in they’d see a lady standing on four legs on top of an almond and honey scented man.

However comical it probably looked, I couldn’t believe how relaxing it was. The air-con made the room a little chilly, but the speed and vigour of the masseuse’s hands, elbows and feet kept my muscles warm. Every every knot was found and at no point did I have to admit to being a wuss and ask her to use less pressure.

I emerged from the massage room feeling like I had been given a newer, younger body. I felt fresh, refreshed and when I finally got back to the airport and got back on the plane heading towards Bangkok, I melted into my seat and dropped away into a deep sleep.

You can visit the Al Nahda Resort Spa website here

Thank you to the Al Nahda Resort and Spa for hosting us and treating our bodies to such a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience. As always our opinions are our own.

Last modified: 28th November 2017

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