Photos to make you fall in love with East Africa

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From the dusty plains of the Masai Mara and Serengeti, to the rich turquoise waters surrounding Zanzibar, East Africa is more beautiful, romantic and full of life than you’d ever imagined. Take an adventure with us though this diverse corner of the world and fall in love with it, just as we did.

Last modified: 13th March 2017

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Photos to make you fall in love with East Africa

  1. Your pictures are truly more than 1000 words. Love the water color behind the hammock. I can envision spending a whole day relaxing there. The animal and landscape photos are mesmerizing and beautiful.

  2. Efthimis K. says:

    Truly inspiring! I am soon preparing a post about Ngorongoro crater! It is so nice to see these Masai jumping here!!

  3. I have fallen in love with these places just from your photos!

  4. Epic pictures and yes, I fell in love with East Africa already. I am now packing for my trip to Zimbabwe and Botswana and I cannot wait to see the beautiful scenery and safari !!! Thanks for the post. @knycx.journeying

  5. Christina says:

    Such incredible photos, the wildlife and the landscapes are so enchanting.

  6. Mike Cotton says:

    Such beautiful photos, they make you realise how diverse East Africa is, and incite a curiosity to see more!

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