Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

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Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor is a nine-room, four-star hotel situated in the heart of the Old Town of Kotor, a UNESCO heritage site. The 13th century historic building was once the Palata Buća (the Buća Family Palace), and originally of Gothic style. It has been renovated after the earthquakes in 1667 and 1979 but still retains the timeless charm of a palace both inside and out. Quirkily the design concept is built around the ancient Greek Alphabet and the rooms aren’t numbered but instead named after the letters. The hotel has won many awards including the World Travel Awards Best Boutique Hotel for the last 2 years.

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

How would you rate the experience up you stepped into the room?

The hotel is easily found by entering the Old Town through the main gates, taking a right at the main square and following the right wall until you find it on the right on the Trg od Brasna or ‘Square of Flour’.

We arrived very early after our 6:40am flight, but the friendly receptionist arranged for us to check in early.

Does it cover the basic needs?

Absolutely. The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor has comfy beds, a great shower, a safe, minibar, tv, bathrobes, slippers, local tourism guides and plenty more.

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

The hotel does have Wi-Fi, although it’s not super fast it will allow you to check and send emails, browse the Internet and use social media.

What makes it special?

The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor does something remarkable by successfully walking a fine line between traditional authenticity and modern décor and luxury. Cavernous stone corridors and thick rustic wooden doors constantly remind you that you’re staying in a UNESCO world heritage site steeped with history. However, the backlit marble sink and spacious waterfall shower give you more than enough modern amenities to make even the pickiest traveller happy with all the creature comforts they need for a lovely relaxing break.

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Does the room make sense?

We stayed in the Alpha room and, with the exception of not having any power plugs near the bed; it was a smooth and frustration free stay.

Best extras included?

The Alpha room boasts a great balcony, which we’d strongly recommend using for breakfasts. Looking out onto one of the main squares in Kotor, it’s a fun place to be eating eggs benedict in bathrobes under the jaw dropping mountainous backdrop.

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

As for location, it couldn’t be more perfect to explore the Old Town and beyond. During the days when the cruise ships are in there’s a steady flow of tourists, but the beauty of staying in the city means you get to explore the winding cobbled streets at your own pace, when the town is quiet and it feels as if you’re the only people there.

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

Biggest issue after booking?

The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor itself presented great service and couldn’t be faulted. The only real issues we had were the lift not working once (but there are stairs) and the local nightclubs opening up on the weekend. However, the double glazed windows and the thick walls means the sound in the room is mostly blocked out (or you can go join the party!)

Overall impression

The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor definitely lived up to it’s billing as an award winning boutique hotel. The hotel has all the comforts and amenities you’d expect from a four-star hotel and is located right in the heart of the old town of Kotor. The authentic décor, great food and amazing location establishes it not just a great base to explore Kotor from, but as a destination in itself.

Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

If you would like to find out more please visit their website here.

Thank you to The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor and the Tourism Organisation Of Kotor for being so welcoming and hosting us, however our opinions are always honest and our own.

Last modified: 14th June 2018

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Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor

  1. Kate Rebel says:

    Wow this hotel looked stunning. I also didn’t know that Kotor is a World Heritage Site, actually. Your pictures look stunning and the only thing I’m wondering – since I saw there were massive stones in the wall – is if the room was comparably cool due to the thick stone walls?

  2. Sarah says:

    The views from your room are gorgeous. We absolutely loved Kotor on our recent visit there.

  3. Wow this hotel looks gorgeous! I love Kotor, I only visited for a day a couple of years ago but I would love to go back to get to know it better. And if I do I would definitely consider staying at the Astoria.

  4. Lori says:

    Wonderful amenities in the middle of historic charm. We always like when the cruise ships leave town and things quiet down. And a waterfall shower? Love the view from your room.

  5. Sara Essop says:

    Wow, this is a stunning hotel. I love the history, the decor, the views and everything else about it. I’m adding it to my bucket list.

  6. Medha Verma says:

    Astoria Boutique Hotel in Kotor looks absolutely amazing! I can see from the decor what you mean by that it combines a rustic feel with modern facilities. Also, the fact that it has a balcony where you can enjoy your breakfast is absolutely awesome. It does feel like you’re living in a UNESCO World Heritage site with the decor and interiors at the same time, its so classy and chic! Its located in the middle of the old town is an icing on the cake!

  7. Kotor is so pretty and so compact too, how long were you there? The breakfast nook in the balcony is so pretty, its like you’re part of a canvas painting. And right in the middle of the old town too.

    1. We stayed for 4 nights and it feel like we’d stepped into a painting when we stepped out on to the balcony. So beautiful.

  8. Bob Bales says:

    This place looks fantastic. I love the style of the rooms and decor and the views look great. I could definitely spend a few days here exploring the area.

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